Prosperity Coaching
Hugo Hanson

“Discovering your prosperity means uncovering your worthiness. Today you are worthy of Prosperity.” Hugo

Would you like to have more money, increased self worth and a better overall life experience?

Everyone wants to prosper and have more fun. To feel inspired about life and have the freedom to be, do, or have whatever we want.

I will show you how to put more money in your bank and more fun in your life.

Prosperity Coaching is a practical step by step virtual program of 4 courses. The courses are in individual and group settings where you learn and how to attract and receive the prosperity you deserve. The first course, Discover Your Prosperity is the gateway to get you started.

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About Hugo

After being a CPA for over 40 years I began coaching my clients in the principles of Prosperity in 2015. I bring a 50 year meditation practice, a strong desire to help others and the art of deliberate creation to my passion for coaching.

My core understandings:
We are born to love, prosper and be free.
The universe supports our dreams.
Desire for more is natural and continuous.
Growth is the result of inspired action.
We are worthy of as much Prosperity as we desire.
We are always evolving and moving forward.


What is Prosperity?

Most of us think prosperity is about to money and it is, but prosperity is much more than money. Success, health, quality relationships and happiness are measures of prosperity too.

Prosperity is a state of being. It’s a mindset, an attitude or an energy level. People who are happy are generally prosperous. Good things come to them, situations work out, life and money easily flows. Why?

Your prosperity is directly connected to the ‘story’ you tell. Every day, all day, you are projecting the story of your life while moving about thinking, talking, and texting. And the personal world you live in and experience precisely matches that story.

With Prosperity Coaching you will start telling a new and improved financial story based on new beliefs that will yield the results you are looking for.

What is Prosperity Coaching?

Prosperity Coaching is a simple, practical 4 course program that guides and teaches you step by step how to attract and receive the prosperity you desire.

The key to prosperity is feeling it first before it arrives. How? By replacing old worn-out negative thoughts and beliefs about money with new, good feeling prosperous beliefs that match your desire.

Prosperity Coaching teaches you how to create new financial beliefs and coaches you to practice them every day. Once you understand the value and application of the principles, you will see your prosperity and abundance grow.

Prosperity Coaching Courses

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