Discover Your Prosperity is about uncovering and revealing the treasure that’s waiting for you. The course introduces you to how the laws of the universe work and how you are creating your current financial circumstance every day through the story you tell. It shows you how to change your story, create new positive beliefs and how to practice them every day. Discover is a 3-week course that includes daily participation with like minded people of up to 10 participants.

Discover Your Prosperity Includes:

3 weekly Zoom meetings with Hugo, worksheets to complete in Hugo’s online coaching program (app) and 1 private coaching call with Hugo.


  • Laws of the universe
  • Prosperity is a state of being.
  • Your prosperity frequency level
  • You are the creator of your reality
  • Law of Attraction
  • Your inner guidance system
  • Alignment with your highest self versus being out of tune
  • Current money beliefs and the emotions you feel.
  • Telling an improving story
  • Deliberate creating vs. default creating.
  • What would you like to attract and create?
  • 3 things to create right away.
  • When you feel good, good things
  • Thank me!
  • Tips and processes you can use immediately.

Course Fee: $300.00

The next Discover course begins Monday September 27th!

Discover Your Prosperity is the first course in the program and enables you to proceed to the 2 advanced courses.

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