After completing Discover Your Prosperity, you are ready to Explore Your Prosperity! The “explore” course is a deeper dive into the laws and principles of prosperity and how to apply them in your daily life. At the beginning of the course you’ll decide on one “Dream” that you want to focus on and manifest in your life over the following 6 weeks. It should be something significant and attainable for you. In addition to the daily texting, weekly worksheets and zoom meetings in the Explore course, there are up to 6 private coaching calls with Hugo (3 are included and 3 more are available).

Explore Your Prosperity includes:

  • Review of Discover Your Prosperity
  • Deciding and Focusing on your 1 Dream
  • Focus . Pure consistent Focus . The magnifying lens
  • Molding the clay of your desire
  • The gestation period
  • Telling your improving story – changing it on the fly
  • Coaching calls focusing in on your 1 Dream
  • Allowing or resisting
  • Cooperation with your dream? Sloppy thinking
  • Point of attraction – What it is and how it’s always working
  • The 2 you’s – physical and non-physical
  • You were born to thrive and prosper!
  • Worthiness, self value and respect
  • Expectation, confidence, knowing and satisfaction
  • Practice – training your frequency upward
  • There is no assertion only attraction
  • Money shows up when you are lined up
  • Vibration currency and physical currency
  • Prosperity is measured by your satisfaction, the joy factor
  • The importance of balance and consistency
  • The leading edge – Appreciation!

Many more tips and processes you can use immediately.

Course Fee $600.00

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