Having read and studied law of attraction for years, I was not sure how much more going through coaching will help me.  Boy was I in for a surprise!  The structured approach of the coaching sessions, broke everything in to small steps that can be implemented over time.  The worksheets and the weekly sessions really helped reinforce what I learned.  Having an opportunity to work with Hugo 1:1 really helped assess my specific situation on how I can change my thinking to see better results next time.  But aside from all that, the coaching sessions are very uplifting and are really help go up in the vibrational levels just overall. I couldn’t recommend this coaching enough.  Truly life transforming.
Anna L, Waxhaw NC

I participated in Hugo Hanson’s Prosperity Coaching after working with personal branding coach Gil Hanson who recommended him. Both workshops dovetailed beautifully to help me create a complete next-level vision and to develop a plan to accelerate my career. Hugo’s 40+ years of running a highly successful accounting firm gave him deep insight into people’s relationships with money. His personal inward journey has given him a unique perspective on true abundance. His understanding of both is what inspired me to take his course. Our one-to-one coaching sessions and weekly group zoom meetings for the last eight have been so much fun. Prosperity Coaching is a life-changer. – Francisca M, Minneapolis MN

Hugo, This Prosperity Coaching time with you and the group has catapulted me into a daily awareness of my true self, one that knows that I have the power to create my present and future moments and to live in abundance personally and financially. You’ve given me so many tools to be able to create my future as big as I want it. The texting, coaching calls and group video calls were invaluable to stay positive daily allowing my vibration to rise to meet my dreams. You are a genuine man of honor and I am so grateful for empowering me to help me see that I can have whatever I want for my a brighter future. – Linda G, Weaverville NC

Prosperity Coaching brought me to my next level. Fears were exposed and met with understanding, which allowed me to move past them. I learned a new path of understanding about prosperity, which will allow me to really imagine and design the life I want. – Kelly P,  Fletcher NC

My One on One Coaching with Hugo of Prosperity Coaching was exactly what I needed and truly priceless.
I cannot put a price on the tools, skills and everlasting mind set you assisted me in claiming for my life.
Hugo’s ability to drill down and help identify the absolute foundation of success and prosperity in my life was truly mind blowing.
Prosperity coaching has gone beyond my expectation in helping get me back on track, stay focused to my true mission and proceed with a road map to immediate success. – Jacob Lions, Hendersonville NC

Prosperity Couching helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. Before coaching, I felt financially drained, uninspired, and wanting a shift. In just a few weeks with Prosperity Couching, my life began to change, and I felt re-invigorated. The coaching calls were incredible, keeping me focused and excited! The morning text affirmations helped me start my day with inspiration and connect to my prosperity group. The 3 “dreams” we had to create and focus on were honestly life changing. I wanted to sell $3M in Real Estate sales by the end of the year, and by the end of couching, I had $3.2M in my pipeline! Wow! The program changed my perspective about money and life. Thank you, Hugo!  Delyse B. – Rhinebeck, NY

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